Farringtons Pool

Farrintons Pool

Farringtons pool services areas from Bromley, Bromley Borough, West Wickham, Orpington, Sidcup, Eltham, Swanley and Dartford. And is an indoor heated swimming pool which is always maintained at a temperature of 30+ degrees centigrade

Farringtons School,
Perry Street,
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 (We advise using the entrance on Old Perry Street).
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Tuesday Lessons

Time: 5-6.30pm main stream (30 minutes) lessons 6.30-7.30pm (pre Club 1 hour)

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Wednesday Lessons

Time: 5-7.30pm (30 minute lesson intervals)

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Thursday Lessons

Time: 5-7.30pm (30 minute lesson intervals)

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Friday Lessons

Time: 5-7.30pm (30 minute lesson intervals)

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Saturday Lessons

Time: 8.00-3.30pm  (30 minute lesson intervals)

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Sunday Lessons

Time: 8.00am-3pm (30 minute lesson intervals)

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Site Rules

Site Rules

Please read the rules carefully and follow them each time your child attends a swimming lesson as anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave the swimming school and will not be allowed to return. Thank you.

  • If you think your child may not be completely potty trained, please use swim nappies as we have to close the pool down every time a child has an accident in the pool.
  • Make sure you leave the changing area as you would expect to find it.
  • All children will need to wear a swimming hat in the water.
  • All rubbish should be put in the bins.
  • Blue overshoes must be worn in the changing rooms and on poolside or shoes removed, all children as well as adults must follow this guideline.
  • At no point must an adult enter the wrong sex changing room to get their child changed. A child can enter either changing room with their parent up to the age of 7. Once they are 8 years of age they can only change in the changing room appropriate to their gender.
  • Please make sure your child does not run around outside the swimming pool area. These are private grounds and not to be explored.
  • Please also keep noise to a minimum when going to and from the swimming pool as many of the students are lodgers at the school and will not appreciate being disturbed especially early in the morning or late at night.
  • Parking is permitted within the school ground but please drive in slowly and carefully as there will be students within the grounds.
  • If your child is in the final lesson on any given day we have only 10 minutes to leave the swimming pool area so please make sure any showers are quick and they are changed and out of the door within that time.
  • Children under the age of 8 cannot be left alone while they swim, parents or a guardian must remain on poolside at all times. After the age of 8 a child can be left while they swim as long as you are contactable at all times in case we need to reach you.
  • Any children not partaking in the lessons must be sat with their parents or guardians and not left to run around on poolside.
  • There will always be a Swim Stars manager on poolside if you have any questions or queries during the lessons. Please do not disturb the teachers or lifeguard when they are working.
  • Payment for the full term must be made before the start of term, failure to comply with this will result in your child being removed from that lesson.
  • All payments must be referenced with your child’s name, day they swim and pool which will be the first letter of the pool name. Eg (T.Butcher/Thurs/H) or (A.B.Butcher/Sat/F) we understand for longer names this may be hard, however, please do your best as it helps us reference your payment.
  • No refunds will be given other than in exceptional cases where a child will be out of action for a prolonged period of time, in this case a doctors note will need to be provided to prove the absence.



The children receive a swimming award at the end of each term which indicates their progress throughout the term. The swimming certificates and badges are either based on skills learnt during the term or distance (how far the children can swim using correct technique without stopping). Once they reach the top lengths groups they can work through their bronze, silver, gold and honours challenge awards and bronze, silver, gold life saving awards. If your child has already received certificates from another swimming school please can you make a note of these so we can continue their development. Click here to see the STA Octopus Badge information.
To see the other badge criteria click here.

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